Unleashing the Power of Next-Generation Retail

Delivering a truly seamless experience, UNBOXED is Singapore’s first fully automated and 24-hour unmanned pop-up store, pushing the boundaries of access in the telco industry and beyond.

As we depend on our mobile phones from checking work emails to assisting in our everyday activities, misplacing or accidentally dropping and shattering our phones can hinder us from accomplishing our daily tasks. And when it’s past store operating hours, this means not having a working phone until the next business day.

Designed by FITCH, Singtel’s UNBOXED is an experiential concept store that offers fast, fuss-free, convenient and personalised new retail, digitally and physically. Customers can try out and purchase a mobile phone using interactive comparisons of phone specs and pricing. Instantly replace SIM cards and sign up for plans using video-assisted self-help kiosks and roving live bots with advanced facial recognition for secure customer verification. Purchases are collected immediately from the in-store POPStation locker which are pre-filled with new devices daily. And with NCS's state-of-the-art Sentinel security system, no security guards are needed. All this, any time of the day.

“The future of retail is here and now… Fast, instant, convenient and experiential,” said Yuen Kuan Moon, CEO of Consumer Singapore at Singtel. “Our digital transformation integrates online and offline customer touchpoints to deliver fresh and fuss-free buying experiences to consumers."

After its initial base at 20 Pickering Street, UNBOXED will be serving other locations in Singapore, moving to a new location every few months to serve customers at high-traffic areas such as transport hubs and school campuses.

Experience by: FITCH Singapore

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